Sildenafil y Coroidopatía Serosa Central. Reporte de Caso

Sildenafil y Coroidopatía Serosa Central. Reporte de Caso

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Ricardo Valdés
Oscar L. Ramirez
Francisco Ochoa
Jose F. Trujillo


Purpose: to describe one case of concomitance of sildenafil intake and Central Serous Chorioretinopathy (CSC) in a 29 years male. Considerations about evolution and treatment are presented as well as a revision of the scarce literature found.

Conclusion: Concomitance between sildenafil and CSC is extremely rare, and as an adverse event can be classified just as “possible”. Evidence reports are not statically significant for this association although there is plausible hipothesis to support it.

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Ricardo Valdés, Clínica Ver Bien

Oftalmólogo Supra-Especialista en Retina y Vítreo

Oscar L. Ramirez, Clínica Ver Bien


Francisco Ochoa, Clínica Ver Bien


Jose F. Trujillo, Clínica Ver Bien


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